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Instruction Manual

Now that you own an Automatic watch, there are just a few things to know when taking care of one.
Operating a mechanical or automatic watch can be tedious if you have not owned one before but once you get into the pattern, you start to appreciate the art that is involved with horology. Checking or adjusting the time each morning will make up part of the 'getting ready' routine just like putting on cufflinks or tying your shoelace.

Power: The power can restored by leaving the crown in the (I) position. Wind the crown clockwise 15-20 times until the second hand starts to move naturally. You can wind the crown until the power reserve is full where you will feel some resistance in which you should not wind further. Automatic watches will wind itself, when worn.

Date: Adjust the date by rotating the crown in the (II) position. If the date is adjusted between the hours of around 8:30 PM and 2:00 AM the date may not change on the following day.

Time: Adjust the time by rotating the crown in the (III) position. 

Water Resistance: The Atticus is 5ATM, its water resistance is best maintained when you swim in shallow water and avoid any high pressure water infiltrating your watch. eg. forcefully crashing into water with your arm or strong pressure from a water hose. Also avoid hot water environments such as saunas, hot tubs etc.

Finally, to ensure your watch remains timeless, take your watch to a trusted watch repairer for a service every 1-2 years.

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