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My watch seems to be running fast/slow - is this normal?

All mechanical watches will lose accuracy over time. Miyota movements have a tolerance of -10 seconds to +30 seconds per day. If your watch is running significantly faster than this, the most common reason is due to magnetism. The easiest way to tell is to place a compass over the watch and observe whether the watch impacts the needle. The watch can be easily demagnetized (normally for free) using a electronic device from a jeweler or watch specialist.

For a tutorial on how to demagnetize a mechanical watch, here is a reference to a Youtube video.


Is it possible to overwind my watch?

Yes. You should never overwind your watch and it puts stress on the springs. If there is a power reserve, use it as an indicator to how much you should wind. Without an indicator, a few manual winds will suffice and allow your movement to wind the rest.


I can't seem to change the day of the week on my Bakewell.

The day of the week can be set by pulling the crown out in the middle position and turning the crown towards you (Anti-clockwise from the side view). Turning the crown the other way (Clockwise) will change the date instead. Sometimes the day of the week will appear to be stuck - this is due to the time that's been set. To resolve this, pull the crown out to it's furthest position and change the time a few hours forward. You should now be able to go back to changing the day of the week.


How do I change my strap?

Straps can be easily changed with a strap changing tool. Please refer to this Youtube video for a tutorial.

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